Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hey, it's Dani and Robin...two plane rides later finally made it to Milan. Walked around the airport looking for an atm and bus to take us to the train station.  Finally made it on the bus and realized that Milan has a lot of graffiti...go figure.  Hopped on a 4 hour train to Venice aka Venezia and took a water bus to one of the most magical cities ever!!!! When we pulled up, there were people out in the piazza enjoying the beautiful weather and majestic city. But guess what?!?  Yup, we got lost...Luckily, people in Venezia are so nice and we were finally able to find our hotel.  After unloading and chilling out, we sought out FOOD!!! I can say I will never look at pizza and tiramisu the same again...the states have nothing on Italy!  Venezia has no cars so everyone walks, takes the water bus or taxi...I wouldn't recommend the taxi, too expensive!!! There are narrow cobble stone streets connected by bridges, gorgeous old buildings and beautiful piazza's.

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