Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Aside from this amazing trip to Italy I had the opportunity to practice my newly biggest love, Brazilian jiu jitsu. I have been training bjj since last August. It has really become a part of my life and I no longer know how to function without it. Once my Italy trip was confirmed I immediately looked for Bjj schools in Italy. After all one of the mottos is travel and train jiu jitsu with as many people as possible. There is always something to learn and it’s the only way to know how good you really are. I found Centurion Jiu Jitsu in Florence with the permission of the faculty I stayed in Florence after our scheduled departure. On my own in a strange city, not knowing anyone or the language, with some luck and some helpful people I was able to find the training center. After I found the center I walked in early to find a Japanese Jiu Jitsu class on going. I stayed and watched until the Bjj began. I was greeted warmly by the instructor and his team. Training began with a warm different from what I’m used to but with similar concepts. The professor then began class with foot work, a take down, control the position, and finally a submission. After about 20 minutes of instruction the fun parts began, sparing. I won’t get into detail about the matches but I will say the Italians are tough! After some successes and learning situations class ended with a formal bow. As a sign of respect and appreciation I gave the professor one of my Uflacker Academy rash guards. He was very grateful for the gift and I was invited back to train for my entire stay in Italy. I believe I have created a bridge of friendship and competition between Centurion Jiu Jitsu and Uflacker Jiu Jitsu. - Danny V. 

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