Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hey it's Dani! This morning we were able to sleep in...Yay!!!!  It was another rainy day when we got up this morning. We traveled to Assissi, which is a small town where St.Frances was buried. On the two hour drive, we stopped at Lake Trasimeno, a very gorgeous town by the way, for a cappuccino.  We also got a taste of ceramic shops and other shops outlooking the beautiful lake.  We then headed to Assissi, a religious town with massive churches and thousands upon thousand religious relics for sell. Robin, Megan, and I shopped, shopped, shopped....and then ate and went to visit St. Frances' tomb.  After leaving Assissi, we had a two hour winding journey back to Casa Cares in time for dinner. After dinner we gathered in the sitting room....which has become the center of our universe because its the only place to get internet, and chilled out the rest of the night, socializing and having discussions of theories and supervision (you know me, anywhere I can get it :))

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