Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coming at you from Italy, it's Jenna!!!

Coming at you from Italy, it's Jenna!!! Today we had a couple seminars at "the Casa". We started with Asha, a Doctoral student at UAB, who gave us a seminar about black women in the American and Italian cultures. It was interesting to listen to especially since our large group here is so diverse. The next seminar was presented to us by Dr. Ted Remley, the preofessor from ODU that put all this together. He generated discussion about things we have noticed in the Italian culture versus the American culture. He also shared with us of a couple other countries he has been to and the need for counseling around the world. We also heard from Rachel, a student that has been living in Bejing the past five years. She enlightened us to the Chineese culture and the needs for counseling in China.
We then had the option to go into town. I went to Reggello to the super marcado with another student, Lesley, from Virginia. Then, of course, we had gelato like we do pretty much every day we go into town!! Other people went to local outlet malls to shop at stores like Gucci, Prada, and Armani. We are about to play a game, "Italian gestures", which is supposed to be like cherades.

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