Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Venezia Day 2!!!!

We woke up this morning to watching a couple on a Gondala ride.  What an amazing sight!!! Robin and I went to explore Venezia as we only had a half a day.  As soon as we walked out the hotel, we met a nurse from Canada named Marisa who works on a cruise ship looking a little lost.  We asked her where she was headed and figured out it was in the general vicinity of where we were going, so we decided to head in the direction together and ended up having lunch with her.  After lunch, we explored Venezia and of course went shopping!!!!! After saying bye to Marisa, Robin and I continued to explore and came across a woman dressed in 18th century opera costume.  Sure enough...she gave us information on a opera later that night.  We went on to the Piazza San Marco where there were tons of vendors, people, and pigeons. I learned the difference between ordering a cappuccino at a bar and sitting at a table...its twice as more when sitting at a table, otherwise, if you order from a bar you must drink it there! We then took a tour of Venezia on the water bus, had a bite, and went to get ready for the opera.  We, of course, had to reserve another room...Venezia kept us for another night!!! The opera was amazing and how many times in life can you say that you went to a real ITALIAN OPERA!!!!!!!  After the opera, we stopped at a ristorante (yes, we ate Italia,what can I say?!?) and had the most wonderful dinner.  We were offered shots of limonchello several times after our meal, but contrary to other's opinion, Robin and I were not a fan. On our way back to our hotel room, we passed by a cafe that had house music playing.  After chilling there for a while, we were off to our hotel room.  Roma tomorrow!!!

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