Saturday, May 11, 2013

Italy Institute Schedule

This is the 10th "Counselor's View of Italy" trip...and we have a lot in store for us. Our schedule for the Institute is listed below:

Friday, May 17
Arrive in Rome
Travel to Casa Cares in Reggello, Italy

Saturday, May 18
House tour
Personal Wellness and Balance in our Lives - Dr. Pat Thomas
The Italian Schools - Nancy Bailey
Intro to the Italian Language - Dr. Paul Krieg

Sunday, May 19
Lucca & Pisa

Monday, May 20 
The Culture and Counseling in Italy - Dr. Ted Remley
Differences in Counseling American and Italian Clients - Paola Salvioni
Mask Making in Italy - Vito Albanese
Introduction to Florence - Dr. Paul Krieg

Tuesday, May 21
Fierenze (Florence)

Wednesday, May 22
Psychiatric & Mental Health Services in Italy - Dr. Andrea Cicogni
Organic Farming in Italy - Giordano Cellai
My Life and Work as a Counselor in Italy - Lorenzo Barbagli
Visit to Olive Press and Church
The art of pecorino - Salvatore Farris

Thursday, May 23
Trasimeno Lake 

Friday, May 24
Counseling in Italy - Dott. Eugenio Bacchini
Counseling American Students in Italy - Amy Kleine
Counseling experience and Counselor Growth - Dr. Larry Tyson
Cross Cultural Counseling - Miranda Johnson-Parries & Krystal Freeman
Ristorante Archimede

Saturday, May 25
Greve, Chianti
Gan Gimignano

Sunday, May 26 
Multicultural Awareness and Personal Strengths - Dr. Becky Michel
Trafficking of Women in Italy - Flora Ike and Madalina Gavra
Choral Concert

Monday, May 27

Tuesday, May 28 
Don't Call me an Angry Black Woman - Asha McAdory
Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling - Dr. Ted Remley

Wednesday, May 29
Fierenze (Florence)
Exchange with mental health care professionals

Thursday, May 30 
Influences of my Italy experiences on my Future Work as a Counselor - Dr. Becky Michel

Friday, May 31 
Depart for Rome airport 

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