Saturday, May 25, 2013

Greve and San Gimignano

Hi everyone, it’s Dr. Michel checking in from Italy! I think everyone was happy when we had an extra hour to sleep in this morning after an amazing dinner last night at Ristorante Archimede. Although it was very rainy all day, we were still able to enjoy ourselves in Tuscany. We took a beautiful bus ride to Greve, located in the Chianti Region. On our way we passed by acres and acres of grape leaves which are grown for the famous Chianti wine.  Once we arrived in Greve we were able to take in a weekly market with fruit, kebobs, cheeses, and lots of fun Italian clothes!  After the market, I ate lunch with one of the workers from Casa Cares, Tony, to help celebrate his 60th birthday. Tony had been a police officer in New York city for a number of years. During a visit to Italy, he fell in love with the Italian way of life and eventually decided to leave America and move to Italy. It was a fascinating lunch followed by wine tasting. After Greve, we travelled to San Gimignano. It was like a dream to be driving through Tuscany listening to Andrea Bocelli music. In San Gimignano, we enjoyed gelato, took in museums, climbed towers, and shopped. By the end of the day, we were quite tired and wet. We watched a DVD about the Medici Family and enjoyed our relaxing bus ride back to Casa Cares.

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