Sunday, May 26, 2013

Greetings from Italy!

Greetings from Italy!

Sunday was a jam-packed day….after hearing several speakers including our own beloved Dr. Michel and two speakers from an organization that work with women involved in a lifestyle of prostitution and sex trafficking. The speakers, one originally from Nigeria and one originally from Romania, though they both currently reside near Florence, Italy.

Each woman was employed by their organization to be a mediator for the women educating them on safe sex practices and if they wanted to get out of that particular lifestyle, making sure they were able to do so safely and how to navigate the legal system. It was mind-blowing hearing these speakers share their experiences working with these women. Their profession literally puts their lives in danger because they are a threat to criminal organizations that profit from controlling these women, but they continue to help and provide resources to these young women.

After the speakers and lunch, many of us took a trip to a nearby town, Valombrossa in which we hiked through the wood taking in the beautiful scenery at what seemed like a view from the clouds. Through whole this experience I find myself once again able to stop and appreciate the beauty in small things that you take for granted when you are in a continual rush. I find myself stopping and taking a deep breath every now and again, enjoying fresh, clean air. Moments in which I don’t have to do anything, but just sit and enjoy existing. About six days left (not that I’m counting or anything) and it still seems kind of surreal. Below are some pics. Enjoy and see you soon!



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