Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mental Health Services, Organic Farming, and a walk around Reggello

Today we had Dr. Andrea Cicogni, a Psychiatrist, come to speak with us about mental heath services in Italy. Dr. Cicogni shared his experience about working with domestic violence, mental illness, and involuntary hospitalization. He also spoke about incorporating creative therapies, such as art, music, books, and movies, into the therapeutic process since the 1980s. As a leader in the mental health field, Dr. Cicogni discussed the importance of working together in interdisciplinary teams with Psychiatrists, Counselors, Social Workers, and others in order to improve the lives of their clients/patients. Next week, Dr. Cicogni invited the group to visit a psychiatric hospital and speak with other Italian mental health professionals.

After Dr. Cicogni’s lecture, we had an opportunity to learn about organic farming from Giordano. We spent time out in the garden at Casa Cares and watched two documentaries about healthy eating and lifestyle.

After an amazing lunch, we walked to an olive press, winery, and church within a few kilometers of Casa Cares. The walk was beautiful, and we even ran into a wild Peacock along the way! - Dr. Michel 

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