Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My adventure to Italy began on May 15th, I flew from Chicago to Frankfurt Germany, and then to my final destination in Rome. My flight to Rome was pretty smooth except for some minor turbulence in Germany, grabbed my bags and headed on my way towards our apartment in Rome. The directions to the apartment were pretty simple... or so I thought. I made to the main train station but then had no clue where I was going from there. I was having a very hard time getting someone who spoke English to help me. Just as the anxiety started to sink in a very nice young man came up to me and offered to help me out. He pointed me to the bus I needed to take and then I was on my way to our apartment.

After walking up and down the street a few times, I ran into Jenna who had come down to wait for me. Put my bags upstairs, caught up with Jenna and Heather for a bit and we were on our way to explore Rome. Going through the Colosseum was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. It was nice to just take in all the history it had to offer. The forum was pretty great too. After a long day of walking through Rome, we went and had a nice dinner before packing it all up for our next stop on the trip.... Casa Cares.  - Megan T.

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