Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey it's was a day filled with very interesting lecturers. Our lecturers today was Eugenio Bacchini, and Italian counselor who was one of the founding father's of one of the first counseling associations in Italy. He explained how the profession of counseling operates in Italy and where they are headed in terms of the different associations and how they have come together in order to join the European Counseling Association. Our next speaker, Amy Kleine was supervised by Eugenion Bacchini, who is an American, and works for Syracuse University in NJ. She was very warm and entertaining.  Her icebreaker included her informing all the women in the room where to shop in Italy...Yay!!!!! She told us about her job and how she helps students accumulate to the environment. After having a wonderful lunch with these two counselors, we then had a presentation by Dr. Larry Tyson from UAB. His presentation was very interesting in which addressed master's students having to seek professional counseling as a requirement of their program.  It raised a lot of thought provoking questions and discussions.  We then had a presentation by two of our doctorate students, Miranda and Crystal on cultural awareness.  We then had a break to get ready for dinner and took a group pic around 7:00 pm. We then headed to Ristorante Archimede and ate a real authentic five course Italian meal!!!!! 

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